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Treasure Of The Sierra Madre – Bogart’s Paranoia

Treasure Of The Sierra Madre – Bogart’s Paranoia – John...

Sabrina Movie Review Slightly Disappointing

Humphrey Bogart In Sabrina Saw Sabrina last night with Hepburn and Bogie. It...

Bogart Bacall Dark Passage Plot Holes

Dark Passage 1947 Plot Holes. Love the movie. The plot holes are hilarious...

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Humphrey Bogart The Actor

Humphrey Bogart was the quintessential tough guy who cultivated a complex, inimitable onscreen persona - cynical, enigmatic, sensitive yet masculine, cavalier yet heroic, selfish yet always doing the right thing eventually. His rugged face seemed to be constantly portraying different emotions, he dominated the screen in almost every scene he was in and he was almost impossible not to watch closely. Bogart's ambiguities and contradictions combined to create a larger-than-life image that still remains the archetype of a contemporary antihero.